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Casino AppsWith many online casino players now turning their attention to playing casino games on a mobile device, we have chosen to put together the following guide that should assist anyone considering downloading a Casino App to get the best type of gaming experience via that App.

We will begin by explaining how you can actually download a Casino App and will then move on to giving you an overview of how you can optimize your mobile device to ensure you get a first class and seamless gaming experience, and finally we shall enlighten you on just what type of casino games you will be able to play when accessing any of our featured mobile casinos using their respective Casino App.

The Vegas Paradise Mobile Casino Logo

Mobile Casino With App

Vegas Paradise is maybe the best casino app out there, you can play on any Smartphone, Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows.

You can also use the Android Mobile Casino version on Google play, but that only has the freeplay version, so i recommend using the version found on the website.

How Do I Download a Casino App?

google store icon You have a couple of options when downloading a casino app, you can either download it from the Play Store, or download it to your computer and then send it to your device using the data cable.

App storeIf, however, you can’t find your casino of choice in the App Store, then take a look at the Casino’s Website, as you can download the app’s shell from there. Be careful though and make sure your internet security is on and up to date. There is a chance you could end up downloading a dud file from one of the copied sites which can turn out to be serious breaches of your online security. Always make sure you always make your downloads from trusted sources.

Optimizing Your Android Device for Casino Apps

cleanupThe first thing you need to do when optimizing your device for any App is ditch the dead wood. Do you have apps that you don’t use or need anymore? Uninstall them, what’s the point of having them clogging up much needed space?
The same goes for music, if you’re not listening to it all the time, back it up onto your computer and get rid of it from the device. After you’ve freed up some space and sorted your device out, turn it off, and fire it up again. Allow it to go through its usual checks and tests, and then go to your casino to download the app.
Once the app has downloaded, either sign in or sign up, and then you can start browsing the games, if you see any you like, just tap them to set the download going. The reason for the extra downloads is that if you were to download every casino game on offer in one lot, you’d be there for hours!
So the casinos tend to give a shell, similar to 2 book ends, and you fill the space between the bookends with the games you want to play. After all, if you don’t like Roulette, or Blackjack, or multiline video slots, what’s the point in having them! Downloading only the games you’ll want to play allows you to save space and a hell of a lot of time and data usage if you aren’t on a WIFI network!

wifiSpeaking of WIFI, we tend to recommend you to only really download games over a WIFI network. An All Ways video slot with enhanced graphics, audio and a plethora of bonus rounds can take up 50-60mb+ in download space. Now that’s a fair whack of data usage, especially if you’re on a limited plan!
When you have downloaded all of the games you want to play, we recommend downloading a few so you have a decent variety when you’re on the go, exit the Casino, go to Applications >Task Manager > RAM > Clear Memory. This will close any active apps running in the background, giving your device more memory to allocate to your casino. Launch the casino again, and enjoy playing great games with enough memory to spare!
If you’re playing in a public place, such as on the train on the way to work, you may decide to mute the casino, you can do this by using the side buttons on your device to turn the devices volume either down, or off completely. This also saves some battery, so you can have a longer session.

low batteryIf you are planning to play on the go, make sure you have enough charge in your device. There is nothing more irritating than the Battery Low warnings starting to come through thick and fast, interrupting your session.

Time iconYou may also decide that you need to limit how much time you spend on the App or alternatively how much you can spend in a day/week/month/year. These self-enforced limits are great for those of you who want to remain firmly in control of your gambling, but still want to enjoy playing. All casinos who are responsible give you this option by default, and it should be available in your Account page, either from a PC or your device. Simply pick your limits and save them.

These self-imposed limits won’t affect your free play modes, and should you want to play for the fun of it, you can play for as long as you like in free mode, basically because no money is exchanging hands.

secure padlockIt is important to take into account the fact that your casino password has to be a strong one, and you should never let the system remember it for you. If your device were to be stolen, whoever takes it will have full access to your casino account or even worse, to your banking details saved in the Cashier. Even though it may sound like a silly warning, the same goes for the children. They can turn out to be quite inquisitive and if you don’t take all the necessary measures, you may end up finding your child losing hundreds of coins in your casino account playing random games.

When it comes to creating a strong password, it needs to be something you’ll remember, but loosely related. For example Nick Helm at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival joked that he needed a password that was 8 characters long, so he chose ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’. Another popular method is to use Code Names that relate to your work field, if you’ve worked on a project quite a few years ago that was called Operation Moose, use Operation Moose as your password, but throw a few numbers in there to ensure that no one will be able to crack it.

syncronizeRemember, if you have more than one device, for example, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note, and a Tablet device, both running Android, you can have your casino on all of your devices, and if you have a Google Account, quite often your download Apps are synchronized automatically, so you don’t have to download twice!
This feature is especially good if you read a lot, you can read something on your phone on the way to work, and when you get home, launch the book on one of your other devices, and it’s automatically at the page you last visited on your phone!
When it comes to removing games from your casino app, the way it is done varies greatly from casino to casino, not because they don’t want you to stop playing a certain game, but the designers that worked on that particular casino have to be totally unique, and can’t be seen to be cloning, or copying another casino. If the time comes you want to slim down your game portfolio, launch the help files, or check the casino’s website and they’ll give you blow by blow instructions on removing a whole suite of games, or individual games.

What Type of Casino App Games are Available?

All I can say is that you’ll want for nothing! From Arcade to Slots, Roulette to Poker, Baccarat to Blackjack, it’s all there, and there are even some special games with revamped rule sets for you to take advantage of!